Dawn M – New Castle County Boudoir Photography

Dawn was referred to me by my past client Lorna. She wanted to give that special someone in her life a great Christmas surprise. When she walked in the door, she was very nervous (as are all of my clients, of course). She explained to me how she was in the military and that she wasn’t really a girly girl. She told me that she didn’t have a clue what to do (again, something I hear quite often). I explained to her that she didn’t need to think about ANYTHING. I explained that we would take complete care of her and make her feel like a supermodel. As she sat down in the chair to get her hair & makeup done, it was evident that she loved to have fun. I am sure you can feel that from her “before” photo. LOL.  Hair & makeup provided by the fabulous Krystle Dantas of Krystle Dantas Makeup!

Townsend DE Boudoir Photos_0446

One thing that many clients bring to a shoot is a “team jersey”, in this case Dawn brought a team tshirt, which worked PERFECTLY with those little black panties she brought too.

Townsend DE Boudoir Photos_0442

As the session moved along you could see that Dawn was getting more & more comfortable. This is quite common when I shoot. Most clients are pretty warmed up after the first 20 minutes. Dawn rocked her next outfit. I absolutely LOVE the “supermodel glitter wall” that we have in the studio. It really works with pretty much any outfit that you can think of. It looked fabulous with the purple number she brought. Townsend DE Boudoir Photos_0443.jpg

Most clients will always start their session by saying, “I am not getting naked.” I always laugh when I hear that because first off, I didn’t even mention it (I never do) and second, everyone who says that walking in actually DOES end up doing some sort of nudes, even if they are just implied. Well, guess what…. I will let the photo speak for itself. LOL Townsend DE Boudoir Photos_0444.jpg

We ended our shoot with a couple shots on the rolled arm couch that I have which is against the most awesome grey wall. It’s a wall that gets used ALOT in my studio. There is just something about it. It can be transformed to something a little dreamy & soft and then can also be something a little more edgy and contrasty. I love these shots of Dawn. It showcases all of the beautiful curves of her stunning figure!

Townsend DE Boudoir Photos_0445.jpg

This is EXACTLY why we do what we do.  Here is what Dawn had to say about her session:

I am not usually the girl in front of the camera, but Dawn made that change! I saw her work through a friend and was amazed at how tasteful and sensual they were done with just the right amount of sexy! Boudoir was something I have always wanted to do and finally decided to take the jump as soon as I saw her work! Her skills are amazing but truly the best part is Dawn herself! I felt like I was calling up an old friend for girls night! She made me feel so comfortable and we had such a wicked good time!! I’m not a shy person by any means by Dawn brought out the side of my personality that doesn’t show very often. I am a military veteran and work in security – rarely do I get to show my femininity. I told Dawn what I wanted and she not only nailed it, but, exceeded exceptions ten fold!! I am absolutely in love with my products and can’t wait to do another session!! Not only did I get an amazing set of photos, an incredibly fun session – I left with a dear friend and a fabulous photographer!

Dawn V Gilmore is a Port St. Lucie boudoir photographer, glamour photographer, and women's portrait photographer with a studio located on the Treasure Coast of Florida. She specializes in making women feel comfortable in their skin & empowering women to love themselves as they are! Photos for women by a woman! Her passion, ability and skills will reveal your seductive side and capture your inner coquette while being tasteful and professional. Celebrate You and bring your sensuality to life! Serving the Treasure Coast, Palm Beaches, Indian River & Martin Counties. St. Lucie County Photographer. For more information go to: Dawn V Gilmore Fine Art Photography


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