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As far back as I can remember I have LOVED everything relating to The Phantom of the Opera.  As a professional photographer I find that sometimes I just CRAVE to do something a little different; something very creative; something out of the box!  Well, since one of my best friends is an absolutely AMAZING makeup artist/stylist – I had to call on her to help me create the shoot of my dreams!  With the help of Jo’Ah May of Jo’Ah Artistry, I was able to make my dreams of The Phantom of the Opera inspired shoot a reality.  The first step was finding a location to do the shoot.  I just KNEW that it had to be an actual stage with a piano.  Well, I don’t always do things in logical order….LOL

Jo’Ah and I actually found our Phantom and Christine first!  Jeremy is a theatre junkie and he actually volunteered for me to test out some new strobes that I had purchased.  You can see his images on my Facebook page.  Jeremy was SOOOO comfortable in front of the camera; unlike most men that I typically shoot.  He also LOVES anything involving makeup and theatre so we just knew that he would be a perfect fit for The Phantom.  I needed someone who was strong in front of the camera to pull off such a dramatic character.  Jeremy EMBODIED The Phantom (he was even playing the soundtrack on his phone the whole time he was in Jo’Ah Makeup chair so he could get in character).Finding Christine wasn’t difficult because Jo’Ah new the PERFECT person.  Olivia was a friend of hers and had the gorgeous ringlet hair already.  She did an amazing job pulling off the role!Oh – I forgot to say that it was Jeremy’s fiancee who actually found us the venue to shoot.  She works at a local high school and since school had just let out we were allowed to use the high school auditorium for the shoot.  I could not have asked for a better place to shoot my dream project.  Thanks to Samantha for working everything out with Lisa for us!

Having these two shoot together was interesting because they had NEVER met one another but they did a MAGNIFICENT job!We decided to play around with a large mirror and try something a little less traditional.Jeremy really pulled off The Phantom and at times, in a dark theater, with the fog machine going, and the looks he was giving me – I felt transformed!

A big THANK YOU goes out to Natalie for letting us borrow her wedding dress for the shoot!  Oh – and to my friend (and past client) Joe for letting us borrow his wedding tux for The Phantom.  The gorgeous hair & makeup on Olivia was, of course, done by the ever fabulous Jo’Ah May!

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