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I wanted to do a BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO to truly show potential clients what a session is all about. It’s hard to explain in text & I think that seeing it with your own eyes makes all of the difference. We provide a professional hair & makeup artist with every session. It’s imperative that you get the full pampering when you come to a session. We also go over the outfits you brought to pick out what will work best on which sets. Then the fun begins. Your hair & makeup are done (don’t forget we also do false lashes because they help provide the WOW factor). Then it’s time to step in front of the camera. If you wanna see everything that happens, go to our BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO HERE!

I wanted to include a Before/After photo to show you that even though you may assume by looking through the images that these women are all models; they are not! They are just like you and I. They look like we do when we wake up in the morning & have no makeup on and haven’t done our hair. We just take the amazing person that is there & glamorous them to accentuate all of their positives. Here is Diana’s before/after image:

behind the scenes delaware boudoir studio

I also wanted to include some of my favorite images from our session with Diana (who was kind enough to allow us to film it for our BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO – Townsend Boudoir Studio). She did a fantastic job with her session & we got some really HOT images! Townsend DE Boudoir Photos_0457.jpg
Townsend DE Boudoir Photos_0459.jpg
Townsend DE Boudoir Photos_0458.jpg
Townsend DE Boudoir Photos_0461.jpg
Townsend DE Boudoir Photos_0460.jpg
Townsend DE Boudoir Photos_0462.jpg

I wanted to finish by saying that I could not have done this without the fabulous videography skills of David Wolanski!  He did an amazing job of showing the skills of Krystle Dantas Makeup as well as showing potential clients what they can expect if they do a session with Dawn V. Gilmore Fine Art Glamour & Boudoir Photography in our Townsend Boudoir Studio.

Dawn V Gilmore is a Port St. Lucie boudoir photographer, glamour photographer, and women's portrait photographer with a studio located on the Treasure Coast of Florida. She specializes in making women feel comfortable in their skin & empowering women to love themselves as they are! Photos for women by a woman! Her passion, ability and skills will reveal your seductive side and capture your inner coquette while being tasteful and professional. Celebrate You and bring your sensuality to life! Serving the Treasure Coast, Palm Beaches, Indian River & Martin Counties. St. Lucie County Photographer. For more information go to: Dawn V Gilmore Fine Art Photography


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    Feb 27th, 2016 - 1:03 pm - REPLY

    Love your  photography, looks stunning!


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